Official Insignia - United Daughters of the Confederacy
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MS Division District Meetings!
District Meeting Dates

District 1 - March 24
    Chairman Sharon Tallman
​    Location:  Lake Tiak-O'Khata in Louisville
    Hosted by Winston Guards 2643 Chapter

District II - March 31
    Chairman Lynda McKinney
​    Location:  Desoto Museum, 111 E. Commerce St., Hernando
    Hosted by Bedford Forrest 448 Chapter (662-392-2164)

District III - March 17
    Chairman Ruthie Wade
​    Location:  Amerigo Italian Restaurant, 155 Market St., Flowood
    Hosted by W. D. Holder 458 Chapter
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September 20-22, 2018  
April 8 at 2 pm - Annual Confederate Memorial Service
Held at Marion Confederate Cemetery in Marion (north of Meridian on Hwy 45 N on Confederate Drive). Sponsored by Gen Nathan Bedford Forrest 1649, SCV & Robert E. Lee 2561, UDC.

April 23 at 12 Noon - Confederate Memorial Service 
Held at Lauderdale County Courthouse.  Everyone welcome. Sponsored by Robert E. Lee 2561, UDC; Winnie Davis 24, UDC; Gen Nathan Bedford Forrest 1649, SCV; W D Cameron 1221, SCV.

We will have speakers but don't have that information yet.

Sandy Gaddis, Chapter President
Robert E. Lee 2561
MS Division 
Confederate Memorial Services!