President's Welcome
Patricia C. Parrish

Mississippi Division President
November 2017

The Mississippi Division Convention has come and gone. A special appreciation to all who attended.  The hosting Chapter Beauvoir 621 in Gulfport is to be commended on the arrangements and the graciousness with which the Convention was carried out. We all left with fond memories of a great fellowship with the Daughters of Mississippi.

Awards were given to most deserving Chapters representing the hard work of the membership. Donations by the Division and the Granddaughters’ Clubs were made to the Disaster Relief Fund, the S. D. Lee House in Columbus, and the Confederate Memorial Building in Greenwood.

The McGavock Confederate Cemetery funding was overwhelmingly supported by those at the Convention. We realized we can have fun while helping finance a worthwhile project. The ugly hat event certainly proved that.

It is both sobering and inspiring to see the objects of UDC met in ceremonies at Convention. The memorial service to our cherished daughters was carried out so beautifully by Division Chaplain Dorothy Herron. 

Historical evening began with Joshua Taylor Peoples singing the national anthem in Choctaw. We were inspired by the speaker of the evening, Jim Woodrick of the Department of Archives and History. Two Jefferson Davis medals were awarded to deserving writers and one Jefferson Davis Certificate. Division Historian Sylvia Purvis was in charge of presenting the medals and certificate.

A Convention would not be a convention without a little fun. Sharon Tallman, Celeste Young, and Karen Chrisman of the Courtesy Committee entertained us with a skit about events during the Convention. We were all holding our sides hurting from laughing so hard. If you were not there, you missed the best comedy routine ever. I am still laughing about that skit.

Some serious decisions were made by the membership. We felt we can no longer maintain Rodney Presbyterian Church. The membership voted to sell the church. It is with heartfelt thanks to all who have cared for the church through the years. It was felt we are not up to the task financially or physically to care for the property.

We are looking forward to the next Convention in "the land between Tara and Twelve Oaks" known as Columbus.   S. D. Lee Chapter 34 of Columbus will be the host Chapter with other Chapters assisting.  We look forward to seeing you in Columbus on September 20-22, 2018.

Soon after Division Convention, a delegation of twelve was off to St. Augustine, Florida, for the General Convention.  Mississippi Division was presented with ten awards. I am so proud of the members of our Division! Your hard work was highlighted by the awards won by you.


 (In Category C – Division membership 251-800)

  • Best Overall Benevolent Activities
  • Best Press Book
  • Chapter Bestowing the Greatest Number of Military Service Awards (General M.P. Lowrey 1608)
  • Bestowing the Greatest Number of Lapel Pins - Military
  • Bestowing the Largest Number of Military Service Awards
  • Greatest Number of 100 percent Chapters Subscribing to UDC Magazine
  • Purchased the Greatest Number of Chapter President Pins

(In All Divisions)

  • Division with Veterans History Project Report
  • Best Overall Report of Preservation of Records of Historical Sites
  • Best Division Newsletter


                                                                    Pat Parrish
                                                                        MS Division President

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