President's Welcome
Patricia C. Parrish

Mississippi Division President
August 2017

It is summer.  Many Chapter members are taking vacations. This is supposed to be our quiet time. If you have been working on your reports, you think otherwise. Speaking of those reports, I am amazed at the work being done in the Chapters. I am getting boxes containing reports. It has taken boxes to hold all the information about your activities. I am thrilled. I just wish I could have been with you for all the trips, activities, and ceremonies. MS Division UDC is a working, active Division. I am so proud of all of you. Remember your deadlines for turning in your reports. I need them soon.

Recently, I was invited by the D. T. Beall Chapter to a little place with such a powerful message. It is called Blackland Methodist Church. It is serene. It is nostalgic. It is a place to find your true soul. I had nothing prepared to say the day I spoke. The spirit of the church gave me the words. I want to return to Blackland for the peace and serenity found there. Thank you Patsy Johnson for saving this special place. The blessings are there, and it is all because of you. What a wonderful UDC sister! Thank you.

Honoring our veterans is a duty we have. This was done with solemnity and humility by the Gen. M. P. Lowrey Chapter of Blue Mountain. They awarded seven Crosses of Military Service at a recent ceremony. The pride in the eyes of the veterans tells us what the awarding of crosses means to them. Well done ladies. Thank you for doing this. There is a veteran in every community. Find them and honor them.

Our newest Chapter, Brice’s Crossroads, held a wonderful service at Bethany Cemetery. Flags were dedicated and flown at the site of a mass grave of the soldiers who gave their lives in the Battle of Brice’s Crossroads. Much work and love went into this ceremony. The flags of Alabama, Tennessee, Mississippi, and Kentucky now fly in the cemetery in memory of the fallen Confederate soldiers. Thank you, Brice’s Crossroads.

It will soon be convention time. I hope you have made your reservations. I want to see you there. There will be some fun things happening. There will be some serious, meaningful moments. Memories will be made to enjoy for years to come. Don’t miss out!

You have met the challenges presented to you this year. The challenge of increasing our membership remains. We never know when we issue an invitation who might be waiting to join us. Reach out and encourage people to become members. They not only honor their ancestors, but they reap the benefit of establishing long lasting friendships through their membership. Isn’t this what our ancestors did? They never forgot the man who fought beside them. We never forget our sisters who work beside us.

​                                                                        Pat Parrish
                                                                        MS Division President

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