Do you subscribe to the UDC Magazine?  If not, you are missing a great opportunity to learn more about the UDC and its many accomplishments.  The UDC Magazine informs, educates, and even amuses and entertains.  Subscribe today or renew as appropriate so you can get the latest news on our organization. You may also give it as a gift subscription to a friend, relative, fellow member, or a local library.  It would be a great Christmas or birthday gift for a loved one.

The UDC needs the Magazine and the Magazine needs you! We appreciate those who have already subscribed or renewed this year. Keep up the good work!  

Subscription Information
Subscription rate is $20.00 per year ($17.00 for Chapters that are 100% in subscriptions). Two-year subscriptions ($37.00) and three-year subscriptions ($55.00) are also available. Subscriptions from non-members are both encouraged and welcomed. 

Make check payable to "Treasurer General UDC" and submit to the UDC Business Office along with the completed subscription form located at the UDC General Website.  Click on the "Subscription Form" button on that screen.

For Address Changes
Please notify the Business Office via email if your subscription address has changed (magazine@hqudc.org). Include your full name, address, expiration date as it appears on the label, new address, and the date that your new address becomes effective.

Need More Help?
If anyone needs any help with the Magazine, please contact our Division Magazine Chairman, Celeste Young, by clicking HERE.

This page was last updated on: 11/17/2017

The DEADLINE for submission of photos, news articles and historical articles is MAY 1st for inclusion in the August issue.  We would like to encourage you to submit news and pictures of major Chapter activities and to author and submit historical articles for the August issue of the UDC Magazine. We certainly want our fellow members to know of the things we are doing in MISSISSIPPI!  Let's make the August issue of the UDC Magazine the best ever!

Remember:  The DEADLINE for submitting articles 
for the August issue is May 1st!

Our UDC Magazine Committee Chairman, Celeste Young, encourages MS Division Chapters to submit news and photos for the UDC Magazine throughout the year.  She says:

"As I studied the UDC Magazine Manual several paragraphs jumped out at me. What holds us all together as an Organization? Certainly our feelings for our shared heritage and our communities are a pervasive underlying reason for being. But what is it that allows those feelings to be shared and nurtured? The interaction we have among ourselves is critical. Monthly meetings, Annual Conventions at the Division and General levels, even one-on-one shared correspondence among Daughters are all vital to the UDC’s existence.

One of the most important of all threads that joins us is the UDC Magazine. For over 60 years, month after month, the UDC Magazine has reached out to members to inform, to educate, and even to amuse and entertain.

Our magazine is largely a 100% volunteer effort. Members and friends write articles without compensation. Daughters faithfully report Chapter and Division news, month in and month out. Others spend countless volunteer hours on projects such as the annual index.

With the above thoughts from General in mind I urge each of you to subscribe and to submit articles and photographs that allow other Divisions to see how we meet our UDC objects here in Mississippi.

I look forward to serving you under the guidance and leadership of our new Division President Pat Parrish. If you encounter any problems with subscriptions or have questions about submitting articles, please feel free to email me."

Due to recent changes in article/ad submissions and the costs for submissions, we recommend that you go to the UDC General Website for the latest guidelines and price list.

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